The work of the tube causes various operations ranging from crimping (expanding process) to bending, including the extraction of the tube.

  • The expanders are used to assemble the boiler heat exchanger tubes on the plates. The principle is to achieve a quick connection between the tubes and the tube plate by deformation of the conduit at its end with an expander.
  • Application: Heat exchanger in thermal power station, nuclear, refinery, petrochemical, etc…
  • Several models of air driven motor torque controlled rolling motor are available in our catalog. They are equipped with an adjustment of the tightening torque in view of a precise expansion. Stopping the expansion is automatic depending on the settings applied. Their structure is aluminum for increased comfort of use.
  • Hydraulic gripper tube puller from 5/8″ to 11⁄4″.
  • 2 models available in our catalog, 7T (9kg) or 11T (13kg) with 700 bars.
  • We offer different models, manuals, electric, pneumatic or thermal (contact us).
  • The Lokring system allows assembly and maintenance of piping assembly from DN8 to DN80 seamless, this is thanks to a standard range of carbon steel, stainless steel and nickel-copper alloy fittings. Designed to withstand pressures of 270 to 521 bar and temperatures of -29 to 343 ° C for carbon steel fittings, from 115 to 344 bar and from -50 to 425 ° C for stainless steel fittings.
    The range of Lokring fittings is tested and qualified according to ANSI / ASME B31-1 B31-3 B31-5 standards.
  • Lokring is used on various fluid and gas processes in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, automotive, marine and paper mills.
  • Available as standard in gearbox, T, 45 ° and 90 ° elbows, and ANSI flanges for diameters from DN8 to DN80, 10 to 80.