Alignment, centering


One of the most recurrent problem of tube butt-welding is the perfect alignment of the pipes. ERFI FRANCE provides you different types of clamps suited to your various constraints.
Therefore generous choice of internal or external alignment solutions for pipes diameters from 1’’ to 72’’ (ask for other sizes).

External technic witch maintain butt pipes aligned.

  • Three points electro-galvanized steel or stainless steel (model JA or DX) from 1’’ to 14’’
  • Clamps Aluminum « horseshoe » from 3/4’’ to 6’’
  • Internal and external alignment clam carbon steel or stainless (centromat)
  • Manual, hydraulic, or ratchet cage clamp with straight or no-tack jackbar from 2’’ to 72’’
  • Simple / double chain clamps, simple or double jackscrew from 3/4’’ to 54’’
  • Rim clamps or Ultra Rim clamps allows to reform oval frame tubes from 4’’ to 72’’

Internal technic witch maintain butt pipes aligned

  • Pneumatic with manual or motorized progress from 6’’ to 60’’
  • Qwik Pins ®
    Automatically centering on 16 to 42mm hole.
  • Slide locking Flup and wobble Nut flup
    Automatically centering on de 16 to 66mm hole.
  • Flange leveler
    Automatically centering on 16 to 42mm hole. Easily replaced in case of failure.


For pipe Ø from 21 mm to 2867 mm.

  • MF insulators (MF = metal free) are ideally suited for catholically protected pipes.
  • Their patented construction means speedier assembly times – no more tooling around with screwdrivers or supplementary clamping implements! The segments are linked and tightened by means of plastic pins. The flush fit of their corresponding shapes guarantees extreme endurance

Plastic Insulators HS (Half-ring):

  • Conventional insulator, made up from 2 half rings which are matched exactly to the pipe diameter making for fast assembly, since only four bolts per ring are needed.
  • They are made in high density Stainless steel bolts (A2) or, on request, plastic bolts.
  • They are made of high density polyethylene (low pressure polyethylene, non-reconstituted). The assembly time is reduced as only 4 screws in A2 steel (304L) are required for assembly. They are designed to withstand 90 ° C continuous, with peaks at 110 ° C.
  • The GK insulators are suitable for all types of tubes from 98 to 500mm. Only 3 sizes of segments GK1, GK2 and GK3 enough to equip all Ø.
  • They are designed to withstand 90 ° C continuous, with peaks at 110 ° C.
  • The screws are A2 stainless steel (304L). Resilience: 15 kJ/m2 ISO 179/2C.
  • Dielectric strength: 70-80 kmm, DIN VDE 0303. Resistance to pressure: 10N/mm2
  • The necklaces are made insulation GK black polyethylene is about 15 times more UV resistant than white polyethylene.
  • Insulators for large pipe diameters upwards of 350 mm.
    MSG insulators are suitable for pipe diameters over 350 mm. Only a few segments are needed to make up a ring.
  • Size MSG 1.5 reduces the number of segments required which means less screw driving work.
  • The connecting skids project less than the runner skids and carry no load, thus increasing performance and durability (higher load-bearing capacity). Generous dimensions and two runner skids per segment give MSG insulators top stability .