We are specialized in equipment distribution aimed pipeline contrators, and industrial pipe fitters. ERFI FRANCE provides a wild and full accessories range from tungsten electrode sharpener to electrode oven, through rotary ground clamp and electrode older. Without forgetting air manifold.

  • Optimal cutting and welding result from longitudinal sharpening. Cutting and grinding can be done with the same diamond grinding disc.
  • Sharpening angle can be choose between 0° and 90°, due to the graduated swiveling board to adjust the perfect sharpening angle.
  • For tungsten electrodes with a diameter of 1.0, 1.6, 2.0, 2.4, 3.2, 4.0, 4.8, 5.0, 5.5 mm and length of 20 to 175 mm with accuracy of ±0.1mm.
  • Protective casing. Easy handling .
  • Lever to rotate electrode. Support device for electrode holder.
  • For a better health and safety of operators, a steel-cupboard and a toxic dusts vacuum are optionally available.
  • The exposure of the welding electrods to the atmosphere for an extended period of time will influence weld quality. Should the amount of moisture in the welding electrods become excessive, the potential exists for the introduction of hydrogen into the weld, which will cause cracking and premature failure of the weld. If the electrode should become rusted, the weld quality will also be affected, as this will also lead to determine the amount of diffusible hydrogen produced during welding when working with higher strength steels and alloy steels
  • We purpose different model of ovens which can be used for reconditioning, annealing or holding of electrods or flux with capacities ranging from 8kg to 540kg.
  • Rotating ground clamp for turning roll applications or any type of welding application requiring of the work piece. The clamp can be bolted directly to the end of the rotating work piece.
  • Air manifolds are equipped as standard with 1 input and 8 outputs, pressure gauge, purge, safety valve. Each connection has a stop valve followed by an express connection.
  • For easy handling, 1 lifting ring  on the top of the cylinder.
    A purge is installed under the cylinder.
    Model CE : tested at 14.3 bars delivered with certificate. They are intended for use with a 7 bar compressor.

Flange spreader

A pair of flange spreaders is used to gently separate flanges for the replacement of the flange gascket or reapply sealant of the flange face. The spreader, which attaches to the flange bolt hole, spreads the flange faces without the risk of damage to the flange sealing surfaces. The wedge action spreads the gap between flanges up to 11⁄4″ 32mm and 100ft-pounds of torque applied to the manual flange spreader yields up to 12000 lbs of spreading force. Hydraulic flange spreaders available for 2″- 36″ / 51-914mm 150-600 pound / 68-272 kg flanges. The hydraulic kit attached to the hydraulic flange spreader effortlessly separates the flanges.

Hydraulic kit is required to use D101, D102 et D103 models.

  • Two versions available : 4,5 tonnes or 18,2 tonnes
  • With ERFI flange isolation sets is it possible to turn a normal flange connection into an isolation joint. The application are not restricted to new flange joints. ERFI flange isolation are also suitable for retrofitting existing joints easily and quickly without having to modify the joint.
  • ERFI flange isolation sets are available to fit all standards, sizes and pres- sure ratings. The isolating gaskets can be delivered without the isolating set (only) or with isolating set (DW). (One isolating set DW consists of one bolt sleeve, 2 isolating washer and 2 steel washers per screw hole).
  • ERFI flange isolation kits can be provided for non-standard flanges (incl. extra sleeve length)
  • Please note that the kits are shipped without threaded rods and bolts.