Lifting, handling


Delicate phases of tube handling, lifting handling are mandatory steps in the workshop or on site. ERFI FRANCE offers you a complete range of solutions for all your operations.

  • Fixed or fold.

Pipe Jacks range with head choice : Vee-Head, Ball Transfert Head, Roller head, Rubber Wheels or Bar stock head.

  • Heavy Duty Jacks : 71 to 125 cm, CMU 1 135Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Heavy Duty Jacks Plus : 71 to 125 cm, CMU 1 580Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Pro Jack: 71 to 125 cm, CMU 1 135Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Fold-A-Jack : 71 to 125 cm, CMU 1 135Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Fat Jacks : Available in 3 different sizes: Mini 40,6 to 72,4 cm, CMU 2 270Kg (variable due to the head choice), Minimum : 67,3 to 113 cm, CMU 2 270Kg (variable due to the head choice), Maximum : 91,4 to 154,9 cm, CMU 2 270Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Hi Boy : 99 to 103 cm, CMU 450 Kg
  • Fab Saf Jack : 81 to 132 cm, CMU 1580 Kg

Head choice : Ball Transfert Head, Rubber Wheel or Bar Stock Head

  • Adjust-A-Rolls : 79 cm, CMU 900Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Pro Roll : 74 à 109 cm, CMU 900Kg (variable due to the head choice)


Head choice : V Head, Standard Ball Transfert kit, Large Roller Wheel kit, Stainless Steel Sleeves stainless

  • Max Jax : 77,5 to 108 cm, CMU 1 135Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Max Jax 2 : 58,4 to 86,4 cm, CMU 2 045Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Big V : 74,9 to 104,1 cm, CMU 1 135Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Beam Jax : 88,9 to 119,4 cm, CMU 1 135Kg (variable due to the head choice)
  • Cricket : For pipes up to 6m10 300mm diameter max and 450Kg
  • Grasshopper : For pipes up to 500mm diameter and 900Kg
  • Fab-Mate : For loads up to 450 Kg up to 2m10 high
  • Our range of Choker Belt has been designed and developed in partnership with customer users, during their projects. This results in a material of great reliability and high strength. In fact the saddle protectors and cables are molded polyurethane, ensuring longevity and perfect grip. The range offers standard CMU capacity models, but also heavy-duty CMU models for handling double-jointed pipes or thick layers.
  • These hooks ensure fast tube attachment without damaging the chamfer thanks to the removable protective insert made of aluminum or Teflon insert.
  • The Rolli cradle is designed for lifting and digging tubes. It avoids the damage of the coating of the tube thanks to the polyurethane diabolos. This tool offers great maneuverability to the operator. The diabolos are mounted on cable slings.
  • CE compliant.
  • Different models available on demand.
  • Patented lifting bag construction insures excellent operation over a longer period of time. All metal components are made of brass.
  • Lifting bags are thin and simple to use. The surface with interlocking dimples provides superior gripping therefore sliding is almost impossible even when two bags are stacked on top of each other. Eleven different sizes of bags are available with a lifting capacity from 1 to 63 tons.


  • We offer a wide range of flat webbing belts, in accordance with EN1492-1
  • These belts are made of assembled materials whose quality meets CE standards.
    Their robustness will meet your requirements. Their weight and flexibility facilitate handling.
    This material can be offered as standard or specially designed from 2 “to 60”.
  • In special manufacture, possibility of polyurethane adduction for a better resistance to wear.
  • Identification plates and CE marking on each rudder and belt.


Coefficient of use: 1: 4 beams; Straps 1: 7
Spreader: Steel E36
Fiber webbing: 100% Polyester
Webbing stitching: 100% KEVLAR® yarn – CMU Cradle use U


  • Complies with the European directive 89 / 392CEE, directive 91 / 368CEE, decrees 92/765, 92/766 of 29/07/92 and decree of 18/12/92, EN818-4: 1996. Available in standard 1, 2, 3 or 4-strand version with latch hook, automatic hook and chain shortening hook.
  • Complies with the European directive 89/392 CEE modified. Available in standard version 4, 3, 2, and 1 strand, aluminum automatic hook, latch hook. In some cases of loads, we recommend the use of extra reinforced lugs, consult us.