Marking, tracing


To facilitate the preparation of the welding of your tubes, ERFI FRANCE offers a range of tools for tracing and marking.

  • Made up of a dial, a level and a Y, it will allow you to set angles and mark the location of adjacent pipes and measure the slope.
  • It is intended for marking slanted cuts and penetrations for pipes and profiles, without calculations or templates.
  • This very practical cylindrical comb allows a faster and more precise work by simplifying the tracing of the tubes, for the realization of special cuts. Available in 1 ” to 12 ‘’.
  • This tool makes it possible to adjust and check the inclination of the pipes. Magnetic bearing surfaces allow attachment in any angle on tubes or smooth surfaces. The reading of the angle is done directly on the dial, without calculation.
  • Lightweight and practical for measuring angles of 45 ° and 90 °, it is designed from two 45 ° blades that slide against each other in a plastic handle. Each blade is made up of two arms of 10 “(25.4cm) and 14” (35.5cm). The graduation is in inches or centimeters. The blades are aluminum 356 / T6. The handle is equipped with a belt clip.
  • Mini, Little, Master Helper… they are perfect guides for welders. They can be used as rules, squares and measuring instruments in inches. The realization in tear-proof paper and resistant to humidity. It allows to work 90 ° bends in several tube segments.
  • Protactor Inox Mini, Médium or Max or Square positioners are offered to you on request.
  • These pencils are made from materials whose melting point is calibrated with a guaranteed tolerance of ± 1%. The range includes 177 rods with melting temperatures ranging from 38 ° C (100°F) to 1371 ° C (2500°F), see table below.
  • Tempilstk pencils are certified sulfur-free and lead-free.
  • Each unit is identified by a specific lot number identifying the materials that compose it.
  • We offer a wide range of industrial markers Fixolid, Markal, Lyra …
    Available in white, yellow, red, black, others (contact us).