Pigs, Cleaning


In order to deal with your problems of pipe cleaning or separation of products, ERFI FRANCE offers you a wide choice of pigs.

« Poly Pig »

  • Made from soft polyesther foam with a water-resistant baseplate, these low-density scrapers support 50% compression and have a high absorption capacity.


Application: The drying of pipes and light cleaning.

  • Made of hard elastic polyurethane foam with a polymer base, these scrapers allow a maximum compression of 15% for 110 kg / m3, 20% maximum for 85 kg / m3.


Application: Filling, Hydrostatic Testing and Routine Line Cleaning.

  • These scrapers are made of hard elastic polyurethane foam with wear-resistant elastomeric PU strips. The bands placed in cross give the scraper a rotary movement in the pipe. The compression allowed is 10% maximum. These models are also designed for long-distance pipelines as well as for hydrostatic tests. They allow the passage of short radius elbows.
  • Hard elastic polyurethane foam models with extra-resistant PU elastomer coating. They are suitable for long-distance pipe cleaning, hydrostatic testing and also product separations. The compression allowed is 10% maximum.
  • Pigs of the same type as the LR adapted to the average courses.
  • Models covered with helical carborundum abrasive belts.

The compression allowed is 10% maximum.

Application: Cleaning rusted pipes or removing any type of deposit and debris.

  • Pigs made of hard elastic polyurethane foam, coated with metal brushes (carbon steel). These models ensure maximum cleaning by the action of metal brushes placed forward. They are available with stainless or plastic brushes. The compression allowed is 10% maximum.


Application: The intensive cleaning of pipes (sediments, rust deposit …).

  • Models covered on their entire surface with metal brushes (carbon steel). The compression allowed is 5% maximum.


Application: The cleaning of rusted and encrusted pipes of algae.

  • Bidirectional polyurethane foam pigs with double conical nose or concave double bottom for special test operations.
  • These pigs consist of a single molded part and can be proposed with a detection magnet. To avoid bacterial contamination, the food scraper does not have a seal. It is manufactured in a specially dedicated quality of polyurethane or silicone.
  • Food pigs guarantee a perfect seal in all types of pipes and can cross elbows up to the radius of 1.5D. They are available from Ø 1.5 “to 5” (DN40 to DN125).

Flexible body pigs

  • The pig is completely made up of polyurethane. It is composed of a flexible body shaft and cups or discs held in place by polyurethane spacers. It is a real multi-purpose pig as all parts are fully exchangeable and can easily be replaced. The same pig can be converted from a cleaning pig to a bidirectional pig for hydrostatic tests quickly and without effort.
  • Flexi Pigs are available from 2’’ to 24’’ .
  • Flexible bidirectional pigs with 2, 3 or 4 polyurethane discs. It is efficient in both ways.
    As option, a gauging plate or brushes can be provided .

Standard pigs

  • Standard Pigs are available up to 4’’ in single bolt. Then from 6’’ to 16’’ and from 18’’ to 56’’ -models with flanges– they are equipped with a steel body.
    They are composed with a steel body shaft that can be supplied with cups, discs, brushes, gauging plates, mag- nets or any other accessories required.
  • The Standard Bidirectional Pig is equipped with discs out of polyurethane and of bumper at its ends. It is efficient in both directions. The discs guarantee a sealing and an optimal flexibility. This pig can be equipped with brushes and still preserves its capacities.
  • Circular or spring-loaded carbon steel, stainless steel, or plastic brushes
  • Bumper noses
  • Gauging Plates of steel or aluminium
  • Cleaning magnets for steel deposits
  • Disk for intensive cleaning

Transmitter specifications :

  • The transmitter is mounted to the pig. Low frequency electromagnetic signals allow pig location with an accuracy of 0.5 m. Its opening time is up to 500 hours (2000 on request). It can operate in oil, gas and water. It is waterproof and designed for 100 bars operations or more.


Receiver specifications :

  • Programmable for several transmitters. Sound and visual signals on LCD screen. T° of use between – 15°C and +70°C. Designed in a shock-proof case which protects against moisture. Weight 4.8 kg or 8kg with carrying bag.
  • Spheres are in neoprene, nitrile or polyurethane, which covers applications both in chemicals and operating temperature.
    Solid spheres are available from 1.5’’ to 4’’, and inflatable spheres from 4’’ to 42’’. They go through short bends, tees and full-opening conduit valves.


Accessories: filling pumps, sizing adapters and sizing rings .

  • These pistols are associated with the cleaning scrapers for the inside of the tubes and hoses.