When your tube work requires additional electrical equipment, ERFI FRANCE offers a range of products and solutions to meet your needs, on request. Offers available among the ranges listed below (not exhaustive):

  • Cabinets, complete electrical panels, supplied loose or assembled, wired and tested.
    Motor starters, Transformers, Sensors, Operator Dialogue, Automation.
    Waterproof site boxes and sockets, Multi-sockets, Extension cords and Reels.
  • Power, command, control, measurement, instrumentation cables.
    Tertiary, Industrial, Marine applications in fixed or mobile use.
  • Clamps, sleeves, cable glands, connectors, terminal blocks, ferrules and lugs.
    Adhesive tapes, Junction boxes, Prefal, Markings.
  • High-temperature and ATEX luminaires, Headlamps and waterproof.
    Site lighting, Industrial fixtures, Workstations.
  • Ammeters, Frequency meters, Voltmeters, Wattmeters, Multimeters, Thermometers.
    Electrician’s scissors, Stripping, cutting and crimping pliers, Screwdrivers.
    Calibrators, Insulation controllers, Cable locators.