Pipe stoppers


Sealing is a complex and achievable operation with different techniques depending on the purpose of your application.

  • Caltex plugs are not designed to withstand high pressures and are generally used in non-pressurized lines. On special request, the cap can be proposed with aluminum flanges.
  • The multi-lock RF plug is a line shutter that has multiple clamping points on the outside of the flanges as opposed to the 1020 sizes smaller than 18 “which has only one central clamping.
  • To accompany you during your operations to test your pipes or pipes, we offer different types of plugs (1024, 1025, HP300, HP350, HP355, …) compatible with pressures ranging from 10 to over 300 bars (for any other pressure,  contact us).


For temporary sealing of drains from Ø50 to Ø1500 mm -and larger on request. The bladders are made out of latex and the form is perfectly cylindrical.
This type of gas bags is not intended to retain pressure.

These are safety gas bags which can retain a flow.

The bags can be covered with various covers :

  • out of orange fireproofed cotton for a protection during the welding.
  • out of neoprene to resist hydrocarbons.
  • out of canvas, anti-tearing.
  • out of very strong nylon, anti-static and washable.
  • out of nylon covered with a layer of polyurethane resistant to damaging products (contact us for more details)
  • The multi-diameter MDS shutter balloons mark an evolution in the temporary sealing of pipes. They are made from an ingenious combination of joined and overlapping rubber threads. This design allows the use of the shutter for different different diameters. The range of MDS shutters is designed to withstand temperatures of 60 ° C and pressures of 1, 4, 10 bar and more. For special applications, please contact us.
  • These balloons are made of PVC rubber resistant to hydrocarbons. At the same time flexible and resistant, they make it possible to cover several diameters of tubes, even ovalized.
  • Supplied with 1.5m hose and a valve.
  • For more sanitation-oriented use or water pipes, we offer various inflatable shutters with or without by-pass that can be used as test devices. As an option, a hydrocarbon resistant variant can be offered to you on demand. We also have a range of accessories such as the power supply or the inflation pump.
  • Each sphere is usable with several sizes of tubes and can be proposed with a bypass from the model 150 – 250 mm. They are offered with 3 m of cable and flexible. They are made of rubber reinforced with nylon or Kevlar. Special sizes available on request.
  • We also offer a wide selection of specific shutters, for manhole, foldable, ovoid, flexible, with wheels, etc.
  • These plugs are very practical for contractors and technical services of cities, during the work of draining, pipes and sanitation. They are also appreciated during repairs and especially to perform tightness tests of pipes and joints.
  • The diameter of the shutters is two centimeters less than that of the pipes, the establishment does not present any difficulty. Circular shutters are available from Ø 100 mm to Ø 600 mm in a single element and from Ø 500 to Ø 2000 mm in 2 parts (Ø 250 and Ø 375 mm in one or two parts for ovoid plugs).
  • They are used to seal annular space between tube and passage.
  • They can have either an open or conical shape.
  • They are made out of neoprene and 2 mm thick as standard (or 4 mm on request). They are provided with stainless collars. All sizes can be supplied on request.
  • The casing end seals are also available with openings for additional pipes.
    Seamless casing end seals moulded by vulcanization for combinations of diameter drain / passage.
  • 1, 2 or 3 folds compensate the lack of concentricity of a drain / passage unit.
  • This covers “night cap” lids for pipe ends. They are made out of rigid PVC or flexible plastic. They are available from 1″.
  • Cold traps are used to create an ice plug in the water pipes.
    They allow a temporary filling.