Company presentation


  • The Company ERFI France was created in 1991 in the Lot and moved to the Corrèze in 2012. It was taken over in 2015 as it is currently configured.
  • Based on great technical sales and logistical skills, Erfi France has grown. Progressively, it has forged a distinctive brand image stands for quality and professionalism.
  • Over the years, the Company ERFI France focused on developing and mastering his core activities to differentiate themselves. And thus accumulated a solide basis of expérience enable to respond briefly and fully to clients demands, both in process of product definition and national or international logistic.
  • ERFI France develops close connections with his partners. To this end, it favors long term mutual benefits.
  • ERFI France, is a team of internal products and equipment specialists aimed pipeline manufacturers, pipeline contractors and industrial pipe fitters. We provide a wild and full range. More than one hundred thousand products integrate our catalogue and cover our different lines of business.
  • Our team of professionals is at your disposal fulfilling your expectations at national and international level. We guarantee the quality of our products and the outstanding of our services.
  • Whether for a XXL diameter clamp or a purging system, for a beveling or a tube cutter, ERFI FRANCE is committed to provid you a suitable solution.
  • Well known for our professionalism it allowed us to provide market exclusivities. For exemple, we represent in France SPITZNAS® and SUMNER® manufacturer. If our partners trust us, so why not you ?
  • ERFI France, is a team of experts, in your industrial sector, at your service. We are by your side throughout your project. From conception to technical implantation on spot then in operation phase, we are right by your side.
  • With an actual stock of core range products, the logistic department of ERFI France already do have all basics that you need. If that is not the case , we will do our utmost to an earliest availability.
  • We are implementing a wide range of services supplying you as quick as possible. Every order before 3 pm, will overnight delivery (According to the stock) !
  • Concern by the successful outcome of your project, the Company ERFI France also ensure a top quality technical support and after sale service. For example, we assist our clients throughout the diagnosis of a failure to the exchange or the repair of the defective parts if necessary.
  • To suit all your individual constraints, we have recently create a rental department specialized in heavy equipment. Service on demand.

The company ERFI aimed 4 main markets :


  • Pipelines market 

In a mature market with increasingly drastic constraints, particularly in environnemental policies, exhaustible supply and where oil prices influence investments, Erfi France is daily by your side supporting your project.

  • Gas pipelines market

In a growth market with long developing process project, it is essential to surround yourselves by top professionals. Erfi and his team is available !

  • Industrial piping market 

Industrial pipe fitter is a high technical skills profession because it is often tailor made. A constraint that Erfi France facilitate thanks to a wide range of products, technical and fulfills your needs.

  • Pipe market

To build, to maintain or to modernize your water pipes, ERFI France gives you a support, to you pipelines contractors, in your daily work.

ERFI France fully commits and focuses its best efforts to his differentiation through :

  • The product – We guarantee the best deliveries as possible in term of compliance, performance, reliability and durability. We are also seeking to uphold our core range as comprehensive as possible. To this end, we listen to your requests and we complete continuously our catalogue.
  • The services – We provide you the best technical support as possible, logistical and operational phase support. We also offer you a scope customized options as study and personalized packaging.
  • The staff– Our staff is especially known for his competence, reliability, professionalism and helpfulness.


ERFI France measures the level of client satisfaction in order to ensure a continuous improvement of its service.

All this efforts are building our productivity, but also reducing our environmental footprint. All our technical and logistical processes, business methods are a part of this sustainable approach.