Cutting, bevelling


Cutting and beveling pipes or tubes are part of our core business.

A multitude of solutions are offered to you for cutting and beveling. We offer a wide range of tools to perform these operations. All our products are accompanied by the manufacturer’s warranty and our after-sales service.

Pipe cutting and Bevelling machine

  • For manual or motorized oxyacetylene cut, adaptable for plasma cut. Used on gas and pipeline building sites, for an optimal quality of cut.
  • As standard, equipped with blowtorch and Victor torch.
  • The flexible stainless bands have a width of 6″ (15,24 cm).
  • The range of band goes from 6″ to 60″ (15,24 to 152,4 cm) with increments of 2″.
  • Simple and easy assembling thanks to the guiding band.
    Precise fixing thanks to a fast tightening device.
    Very high precision of guidance and cut thanks to the broad bearing surface and notched driving wheel.
    Possibility of a chamfer up to 45° using a scale of angles fixed to the blowtorch.


The machine is provided with:

  • Set of 3 – 50 mm tips for acetylene.
  • Set of tip borers in case.
  • Adjustable wrenches

Magnacut : magnetic system of cut. Fixing on pipe: permanent magnet.

-Installation: 1 min.

  • Outside Ø capacity: 6” – 168.3 mm and +.
  • Inside Ø capacity: 24” – 609.5 mm and +.
  • Vertical and horizontal cut.
  • Cutting speed: from 51 to 813 mm/min.
  • Motorization: 100 Volt DC / 24 Volt DC.
  • Battery supply: 110 VAC or 230 VAC 50/60Hz.
  • Weight: 16.7 kg.
  • Dimension: 552.4 X 241.2 X 133.2 mm.
  • Guiding rail system for vertical cut and for Ø greater than 18 18’’ .

Saddle pipe cutting and beveling machines

( MSA, 1SA, 2SA, 3SA, 4SA, 5SA, 6SA, 7SA, 8SA )

Reliable and precise saddle machines are designed specifically for the applications which require a high degree of quality of cut and accuracy.
The machines are available for sizes of pipe from 1 1⁄2 ” to 48″ (38-1219mm). The 1SA, 2SA and 3SA are equipped with spacers. . They can be equipped with optional of support for twinned torches, cut contours and a template (the various guides of cut are assembled easily on the cut contour). The torch follows with precision the model of guide chosen to cross and chamfer. The guides are provided on request.

Beveling chain machine

For cutting steel tubes with acetylene or propane torches.

  • Bevel cut on horizontal or vertical tube (with optional guide) n manual version by means of two cranks or a remote flexible control (optional)or motorized by a low voltage motor with a remote control box and speed adjustment. Adjustable torch holder. Double link chain.
  • Bevelling cutting machine very precise, weighing only 9 kg, this small rugged unit offers simple maintenance, easy operation and true maneuverability. With its chain guide system, the Picle-1 solves all circumferential cutting problems. This machine is easily transportable from one workstation to another, it can be used both on a construction site and in a workshop, for straight cuts and chamfers on tubes of different diameters and thicknesses.

In close partnership with DWT Babcock ®, we offer you a wide range of beveling machine (in electric version possible).

  • MF2-25 Ø outside of the tube : 8mm to 38mm
  • MF2IW Ø outside of the tube : 11mm to 22mm
  • MF3IW Ø outside of the tube : 25mm to 96 mm
  • MF3-R Ø outside of the tube : 9mm to 44,5mm
  • MF3-25 Ø outside of the tube : 12,5mm to 63,5mm
  • MF3-25XL Ø outside of the tube : 12,5mm to 76,1mm
  • MF3I Ø outside of the tube : 40mm to 152mm
  • MF4 Ø outside of the tube : 25mm to 133mm
  • MF4R Ø outside of the tube : 30mm to 88,9mm
  • MF4I Ø outside of the tube : 58mm to 217mm
  • MF5I Ø outside of the tube : 100mm to 380mm
  • MF6I-50 Ø outside of the tube : 280mm to 700mm

We remain at your disposal for any need in orbital cutting machines.

Cutting machines

  • The RSG cutting machine can be used in workshop or in building site. You make it slide around the pipe to position it. The folding model is set the same way.
  • Le Coupon Cutter is a rack for torch. It enable the torch to move laterally and perpendicularly to the pipe.

For cold cutting, beveling, welding preparation of any type of steel pipe.

  • The ERFI Milling machine is dedicated particularly for cutting /bevelling for construction, repair, maintenance, of oil & gas pipelines, oil refineries and petrochemicals, as well as electric factories and distribution stations. energy. Its main quality is to be able to cut and bevel all kinds of tubes even if already installed.
  • The ERFI cold cutting machine is able to directly cut and bevel pipes with diameters ranging from 150 to 1900 mm, steel, steel alloy, stainless steel, etc….
  • By means of its chain, this machine is fixed on the pipe, which it cuts and bevelling by one revolution . During this operation the machine removes 4.76 mm of metal just by its central blade. It avoids any risk of deformation or cracking of the tube and polishes the cutting bevels without altering the physical qualities of the metal.

REED ® Hinged cutter (model H), Low clearance Rotary Pipe cutters REED ® (model LCRC), Rotary pipes cutters (model RC)

  • For steel, stainless, ductile iron.
  • For pipes out of sandstone, cement and cast iron (model K).
  • For PE et PVC (HPC4, HPC8, HPC12) equipped with guiding wheels (model PLAS).
  • Composed of a torch (electrode carrier) with 3 meters beam and of a lighting scraper, provided with 3 meters cable.


To light the lance, you need:

  • a battery of 12V-40Ah.
  • an oxygen bottle with pressure gauge.
  • a thermal electrode.


After lighting, the flame which is generated by the electrode will reach a temperature of approximately 3500°C. This flame is sufficient to pierce and cut all ferrous and nonferrous materials.

Cutting and beveling machine

For the cut and beveling simultaneously of pipes out of steel.

  • All machines are made so that they can be assembled in the middle of a pipe or section. The fixing of the machine is done by a fast locking.
  • The blowtorch carriage is controlled by two cranks and four driving wheels. The cranks are placed so that the operator does not need to change their position during the cut of the pipe.
  • Instead of the hand drive control, an electric drive with spur gear and adjustment of uninterrupted turns/minute can be provided. The blowtorch can swivel 2 X 45°. Moreover the blowtorch can be regulated laterally and in height by two toothed racks.

The design of the beveling machines is different according to the size:

  • Model 0: half collar and a swiveling arm.
  • Model 1 to 3: two half collars which open.
  • Model 4: with guidance by steel band.
  • In permanent search of innovations, we propose you with Exact Tools precise, fast and effortless solutions for cutting and finishing your tubes and pipes. These portable machines are suitable for all types of materials. Each unit cuts a range of diameters, increasing operator safety and saving time compared to traditional tools. Ergonomically designed, Exact Tools ® tube and bevel cuts greatly reduce the risk of accidents.


  • Exact PipeCut 170, 170E, 170 Battery
  • Exact PipeCut Bevel 170E
  • Exact PipeCut 220E
  • Exact PipeCut 280E
  • Exact PipeCut 360R
  • Exact PipeCut 410E
  • Exact PipeCut P400, P400 Battery
  • Exact PipeCutV1000, V1000 Battery
  • Exact PipeBevel 220E, 360E
  • Consumables : Blades (TCT, Cermet, Diamond, Diamond Cut Bevel),
  • Accessories : Pipe support, Work table, Pipe Bench, etc..